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When’s the next book coming out?

When’s your next signing?

What order should I read your books in?

Are your books in print?

  • Some are.  All except the newsletter subscriber exclusives will be eventually.  The printable paperback book list is your best source to find out which ones are in which formats.

When are your audiobooks coming?

  • Soon!  Cora’s Choice is in production right now.

Can I find your books in my bricks-and-mortar Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Hastings, etc?

  • We’re working on that!  Right now, you can take the paperback book list into any bookstore and have them bring the books in, or you can order it online.

Are you going to kill Cora, Dorian, Chay, Tara, Levi, Harper, etc.?

  • If a hero and a heroine are 1) the star of one or more books and 2) a couple whose meeting story is set in the present day, they are safe.  :)