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Team Aethereal Bonds

My work is now that of a tiny publisher, with everything that goes into it.  Without the help of over a dozen people, I couldn’t keep this business going!

Developmental Editor – My developmental editor is my good friend Carla Speed McNeil, an Eisner-winning graphic novelist and dystopian science fiction writer.

Copy Editor – My copy editor is Carol Davis, who is a writer of family-themed novels and short stories.

Proofreader – My husband Mr. Black is my second proofreader, helping me find errors before the books reach Carol’s desk. I pay him in personal affection. 😉  Kendra Gaither also proofreads.

Beta Readers – I have several volunteer beta readers, including my assistant Michelle, whom many know and love as my Review Team Coordinator, and I want to give a shout out to Sylvia Frost, who is a paranormal romance author herself. Her input has been invaluable in improving my stories.

Graphic Designer – My covers have been done by a number of people, including me, Yoly of Cormar Covers, and Clarissa of Yocla Designs.

Web Developer – Me.  😀

Technical Assistant – My brother Stephen is my technical assistant. As an autistic, he was unable to get a job after college despite trying for four years. I try to give him everything that he can do, like uploading my ebooks.

Virtual AssistantsMichelle my part-time virtual assistant. Another stay-at-home homeschooling mom, she’s been taking over some admin work and freeing up more of my time to write. She makes the pretty book quote cards you see on my social media and around my site, and she is my Review Team Coordinator extraordinaire.

Actors & Audiobook Producers – I’m thrilled that my Cora’s Choice books are coming out in audio format. This means hiring a combination voice actor/producer—like authors, many voice actors are becoming their own producers. The voice actor for the Cora books is Anne Marie Damman.