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For Authors

Author promotionIf you’re an author looking for opportunities to promote your work, you’ve come to the right place!

I prefer paranormal romance or urban fantasy writers.  I will also take some other romance writers and limited fantasy authors.

No porn, controversial topics, or political topics.

OPPORTUNITY ONE:  Paranormal Romance Daily

If you’re a paranormal romance or urban fantasy author, you can request to be added to my Twitter group if you’re not already there.  This will get you added to the Paranormal Romance Daily Twitter newspaper, which is basically a compilation of the tweets among the group that get the most activity each day that I tweet out. Please retweet the paper when you’re tagged in it.  Even better is retweeting it daily!

Email through the contact form with your information to get added.


We will publish unique material only. Both traditionally published and self-published authors are welcome.  You can write about something interesting that also covers what you write, or you can talk about the background to one of your books.  “All the Shades of Shifters” or “The Appeal of Billionaires” would be great example titles.

If accepted, your post will be published on a Tuesday.  All posts will be sent to my copy editor before posting.  We’ll notify you of when it’s scheduled to be released and again on the day of release.

You must offer a prize to post.  This can be a copy of a book, a gift card, swag, or any combination of the above.  The most effective posts mention both a permafree book, if you have one, as well as a prize that goes to just one person.  You can also use to set up a single-day, limited-number giveaway for a first-in-series book.

Please notify your readers by linking from your own website blog and social media.  That way, we can get the best performance for your post!

Submit through the form below. Aethereal Bonds currently gets 15,000 visitors a month, and my blog posts are also sent to my Goodreads and Amazon pages and are posted to Twitter and Facebook.

The Tuesday posts have much lower views-per-day than the Friday Freebie posts, but they remain up over a long period of time, so they can accumulate views over months and years rather than just hours.

OPPORTUNITY THREE: Friday Freebies Facebook Giveaway

You can also choose to give away something worth $2.99 or more on my extremely active Facebook page, as many or as few items as you’d like.  Paperbacks, ebooks, gift certificates, and swag are welcome.  You can additionally mention one permafree book or a $.99 book (provide a link to that, too, and I’d prefer a webpage with all vendors listed because I have a LOT of readers on Nook, Apple, Google Play, etc.).

Your giveaway will be linked to on Twitter and the blog and shared on my V. M. Black personal Facebook profile.  Please link to it on your social media, as well.  Though I have only 7,000 Facebook fans at the moment, they are extremely active, and some posts get as many as 40 shares.

The very first giveaway was seen by 5,400 people (only 5,600 like the page!) and had more than 30 shares and 80 entries.  This got the author’s name, associated with dozens of glowing comments, in front of real, enthusiastic romance readers.  Not only did people enter, but they also tagged their friends.

By sharing this event with your followers on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc., you will guarantee that your current fans will be working to convert new people to your books.

The most effective way to use this opportunity is to 1) offer both a permafree or a pulsed-to-free item (or $.99) AND an item to be drawn in the giveaway, and 2) schedule tweets, a Facebook post, and a blog post to send some of your readers to the Aethereal Bonds Facebook page.

The goal is for your readers to share their enthusiasm on that specific post so that readers who haven’t heard of you will find your giveaway to be more valuable.  Because of Facebook’s algorithms, the most effective way to get more of my readers to see your post is if your readers see it and interact with it.

What I get out of it is higher Facebook user engagement from my fans, which means that my other posts are a little more visible.  :)

Fill out the Google form to sign up.

OPPORTUNITY FOUR: My Weekly-ish Facebook Share Posts

On my personal Facebook profile, I share new releases, sales, and permafrees with my readers.  You can freely add your own books to the last thread that I started.  :)

V. M. Black

V. M. Black is the creator of Aethereal Bonds, the sensual urban fantasy world that takes vampires, weres, and faes to a place they've never been.

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