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Bad Blood: Cora’s Choice 3

Filed in Vampire Romance by on November 24, 2014 2 Comments • views: 13788

The Third Book of the Billionaire Vampire Serial

Eternity comes at a very high price.

Cora Shaw was blood-bonded to the billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne to save her life, giving him control over her mind and body. Now she’s in more danger than ever. Dorian has enemies as powerful as he is, and they want Cora dead.

Cora finds herself thrust into the midst of a terrifying new world. But the greatest danger of all may still be Dorian, for she learns that role as his consort will be more terrible than she ever imagined….


I am loving this series. I couldn’t put it down and I cannot wait for the remainder of this series to be completed. I enjoy the author’s writing and I look forward to reading more from V.M. Black.

Wow this just keeps getting better and better. I just read this book and the two previous ones in one day and I just need more!

Bad Blood is the perfect continuation to the Cora’s Choice series. It’s amazing how V. M. Black’s writing sweeps you up in the excitement of Cora’s new life and relationship with Dorian but in a second she brings you back to the cruel reality of what Cora’s choice has created.



I looked up at Dorian. We were alone, for the moment. For the first time since he had come to my rescue. As alone, at least, as we ever were in his house.

My arm was still resting lightly over his, a curiously old-fashioned gesture. Through the fabric of his sports jacket, I could feel the tension in his body shift in keen awareness of me. A ripple of anticipation went through me.

My lips formed his name. “Dorian.”

He gave a broken chuckle. “The world falling down around our ears, and what I want most is…you.” He lowered his face to mine. “To take you.”

He was so close to me. My hand shifted, no longer hooked over his but gripping his forearm. Little tremors of arousal shivered down into me.

“Take me,” I breathed, an echo, an invitation—and a dare.

And then his lips met mine, and nothing else mattered. The world and all its horrors and complications fell away, and there was only him, his body, long and lean against mine, his mouth over mine, laying claim to it like he had laid claim to my body and my life.

I knew now what he was even more clearly than before. A killer. Ruthless in pursuit of his goals. Willing to gamble my life to satisfy his thirst—and willing to end a thousand to keep me.

The thought of it should have made me sick, and I knew that later it would. But when it really counted, when I was in his arms, I didn’t care about what he was or what he’d done. I couldn’t. I needed him too much.

Heat unfurled inside me, wakened by the electric tingle that went from his lips down to the juncture of my thighs. I pressed myself against him, opening my mouth to him, wanting him more than anything as I stood in front of the very doors through which I’d tried to escape him only the day before.

He pulled back.

“Dammit, Cora,” he said roughly. “The blood—all that blood. In the vehicle, I had almost….” A shudder went through his body. It passed from his to mine, the sudden violence of his desire sweeping across me as some invisible control that he had clamped over it suddenly loosed, broken.

I gave a small, ragged gasp, my skin suddenly alive and burning under his hands, wanting his touch, his mouth, his teeth, his bite—

“You have to get out of those clothes, Cora.” The darkness was roiling out of him now in streams that seemed to dim the light. He grabbed me by the upper arm and pulled me in three long steps over to one of the two bronze doors that stood directly off the foyer.

Dazed, I could neither resist nor assist him. He flung the door open, slapping on the light to reveal a row of coats within. He pushed me in ahead of him, then, keeping me at arm’s length.

Dorian grabbed my hoodie and the shirt under it and ripped them from collar to seam in one motion. He flung them away, deeper in the closet, and took hold of my bra where the cups met the band. With another quick jerk, the fabric gave, and he threw it after.

I stood, swaying under the force of his regard, a welter of thoughts coming over me that I didn’t dare to examine too closely. I didn’t want to put a name to my sudden longing—because not only did I want him, but I wanted him to hurt me. He’d been so gentle before, just as he’d promised. I wanted to feel what it would be like when he wasn’t—I wanted to feel my finger in the candle flame again.

And the thought scared me almost as much as he did.

His eyes seemed to be holes into another universe, sucking at my soul. He traced a hooked finger along my jaw and down my neck.

“It’s still on your skin,” he said softly. “In your hair, Cora.”

“I know.” I breathed the words. My heart was loud in my ears, a terrified thrum, fast and jerky.

Please, please, please….

Then his mouth silenced mine, his body driving me back into the coats, hard against the wall. He rolled my pants down over my hips even as my own shaking hands scrabbled to loosen his belt. My head was heavy and light at once, my limbs tingling with demand.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Melissa says:

    I would like to say that I have bought Life Blood and Blood Born and they are so addictive that I end up reading these books in one day. They are so “Awesome!”….I think there needs to be a movie just like the books…V.M Black your the best author I have ever read and I can say that because I haven’t read a book since 1999 and its not 2015 and I just can’t put these books down…Cant wait to read “Bad Blood” along with the rest of your books.

    • V. M. Black says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve been hiding out and trying to get the past book done, so it took me a while to reply. :)

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