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Blood Born: Cora’s Choice 2

Filed in Vampire Romance by on November 24, 2014 3 Comments • views: 33473

The Second Episode of the Hit Billionaire Vampire Serial

He wanted more than her blood….Facing a terminal diagnosis, Cora Shaw’s only hope of survival is a dangerous procedure offered by the mysterious billionaire Dorian Thorne. But she soon discovers that the cure comes at a terrible price: She is now eternally bound to an immortal vampire, her mind and body forever subject to his will.All she ever wanted was to be rid of her cancer. But how can Cora break free from Dorian Thorne when everything in her wants her to give herself to him and when Dorian has sworn never to let her go?Through her new blood-bond, Cora is thrust into a world of great danger and strange powers. Running for her life, she knows the only one who can save her is the one who will never set her free….


I read this and the next book in one sitting, and can’t wait for the rest! It flows quickly and leaves you hanging and wanting more.

Loved this book, what a great writer and what an imagination! I cannot put her books down! I highly recommend this series if you like paranormal stories- the author does NOT disappoint.

Paranormal romance books are a dime a dozen these days, so it’s rare to find … one that is well-edited, has a great hook for the story, and ‘talks’ to you like you’re the adult that you are. It’s refreshing to read a novel that offers all of these things in one pretty package.


“Good morning.” I jumped again. I’d been so wrapped up in my churning thoughts that I hadn’t noticed one of the other doors open. I hadn’t even noticed Mr. Thorne enter, though his presence now filled the room. The woman left the room quietly behind him and shut the door as he stepped closer, his expression intent but unreadable. The flood of light from the great window on the far side of the room washed over him, allowing me to see him more clearly than ever before. Mr. Thorne was still impossibly, inhumanly handsome, his piercingly blue eyes regarding me from under his broad forehead. Though still pale, his skin had a healthier cast to it, and the thinness in his cheeks and the hollows under his eyes were gone. Because of me. Because he drank my blood. Holy shit. How could I have ever thought he was human? He looked like a man, but there was a difference to him, not just in the paleness of his skin and the intensity of his eyes. He seemed to extend beyond the limits of his own flesh in the way that ordinary mortals could not, as if his will formed a dark force around his body. I could feel it drawing me to him. Now that I could truly see him for what he was, I understood how he gave such an impression of size. His physical height was perhaps only a trifle over six feet, but the part of him that was more than human extended beyond the confines of flesh and bone, making him seem larger than he had any right to be. Despite the attraction he exuded, a very immediate and primitive part of my brain wanted nothing but to run away, screaming. My legs twitched of their own accord—and reminded me that I was tied to the bed in quite a literal way. “I’m glad to see that you’re awake,” Mr. Thorne said. He crossed to my bedside. I shrank away, but as he came closer, the strange magnetism that surrounded him overtook me, overwhelming the panicked directions from my hindbrain to flee. I closed my hands around my blankets to keep from reaching out for him. Even now. This is crazy, a distant part of me screamed. He bit you. Get out! I couldn’t move a muscle. Mr. Thorne didn’t comment on my reaction, but I knew nothing escaped his sharp notice. “The medical team has been taking your lymphocytes every twelve hours,” he said instead, standing so close I could touch him. “Your counts have already gone down by half, and they should be back to normal in another week.” My brain went blank, wanting the words it thought he’d said too badly to allow them to register all at once. If my lymphocytes were going down, it could mean only one thing. My cancer was going away. “I really am…cured,” I said hoarsely. The hope he had offered me might be real, then, not just some cruel trick to lure me into his power. I swallowed. Cured. The word hardly had a meaning. It had been a desperate dream for so many weeks. Since there had been something inside that was going to kill me, I felt like I should know somehow that it was gone. I did feel…different, but the reality was one intangibility replaced by another. My fight against leukemia had been a battle against an invisible opponent, and the evidence of my victory was equally abstract. “Survival is not compatible with cancer,” Mr. Thorne said coolly. It was hard for me to think straight with him so close. He had a contained, coiled energy about him, each movement that he took carefully studied, as if there was a danger in what he might do if his attention slipped. “Survival. Survival of what? What did you do to me?” I demanded. I needed words to describe what had passed between us, the ecstasy and the pain and the overriding rush that had swallowed everything. His smile was full of meaning. “I think you know, Cora.” My name on his lips was like a caress and a blow all at once. It was the first time he’d addressed me so informally, and I knew it was because of what he had done—and that I had survived. But I still didn’t even know his name. A memory stirred in the back of my mind. Except that perhaps I did…. “Dorian.” I breathed the name. It suited him. He simply raised an eyebrow in acknowledgement, hooking an ankle around the nearest chair and pulling it under him as he sat in one easy motion. I shivered and tried to decide if that was an improvement. He was no longer towering over me, but his face was much closer to mine, which only scrambled my scattered wits even more. The memory of his mouth on mine came over me. Oh, God. One part of me wanted to kiss him again—the other wanted only to escape. But I wasn’t going anywhere as long as I was trapped in the bed. “Get me out of this.” I raised my hand with the IV taped to it to indicate the tubes that I was strapped to. “Now.” I heard the hysterical note in my own voice and clamped down on it. “Of course.” He captured my hand in his, and I couldn’t stop it from trembling at his touch even as he removed the tape from the back of my hand. My body burned with awareness of him no less than it had the night before, no less than in my dream, when he had led me to my destruction. Even knowing what he was. “You can’t just go around biting people with no warning,” I heard myself say. It sounded stupid. I didn’t care. He pressed slightly where the needle pierced my skin and slid it out in a straight, smooth motion. “You knew the risk and the reward,” he said. “Did the details matter with so much at stake?” Even with my hand still held in his, I sputtered in outrage. “Details? You didn’t tell me you were a vampire! That was kind of an important detail you omitted. Something a girl might like to know. ‘Oh, by the way, this procedure I’ve been talking about? It involves me sinking my teeth into your neck.’” His chuckle sent ripples down into my core. “Who believes in vampires anymore? We’ve been turned into a popular trope, a pet monster, a joke.” He looked at me, his pale eyes going straight into my mind, as if he could read the thoughts written there. Dorian Thorne carried darkness around him, a shroud even in the light. He was all too real, nothing at all like a joke. He raised my hand to his mouth. I stared, mesmerized and powerless, as he brought the mark that the needle had left to his lips, his mouth damp across my flesh. My nerves danced with fire where he touched me, and a tiny groan escaped me, my breath catching and my heartbeat coming fast. He turned the back of the hand to face me. The skin was flawless except for a tiny pale mark and a surrounding bruise that faded even as I watched. Impossible. “You really did heal me,” I breathed, pulling my hand back. “How?” “I don’t know. No one does. After thirty years of research, we are scarcely closer to an answer than we were at the start,” Dorian Thorne said. “But we do know this: The saliva of a vampire is fatal when introduced into the bloodstream of most humans, but those it does not kill, it heals. And changes. Forever.”

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Comments (3)

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  1. Linese Thompson says:

    I like the “Cora” books so far,your a really good author. I have a couple of problems about the books tho. First of all,just as I start getting into the book IT ENDS. Secondly,I’m running outa money for such a short book couldn’t you maybe lower the price? I’m not much on complaining about such things but I really read ALOT&at my rate I won’t be able to purchase all of your books. I’m the type of person that once I start reading something I can’t stop till I’ve read all of the series. LOVE THE BOOKS THO, A bit graphic on some parts shall I say but still can not put books away,gotta keep going,keeps me riveted.

    • V. M. Black says:

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the books! :)

      Each of my books costs less than a Chicken McNugget Happy Meal or popcorn at the theater. Since I not only live on the income that I make from my books, but it helps me pay for my assistants, editors, graphic designers, advertisements, and more, as well as my healthcare and also childcare and kids’ tuition so that I have time to write my books, I’m not really able to lower the prices at this time.

      However, I do have a number of books that are either free or only $.99 as loss leaders so that you can start a series with very little investment before you decide whether you like it. :)

      • Linese Thompson says:

        I really honestly know what ur saying,I truly do. I was talkin to my husband&he agrees with me that;in his words,you’re one author that really does need the $$ with ur illness. To suffer with an illness is hard enough. I also understand the nugget prices,my 15yr.old ALWAYS hasta have a 20piece after school.LOL!!! I didn’t mean any insult to injury or nothing like that either. I DO LIKE/LOVE UR BOOKS,I look forward to reading ALL of em if I can. I just have a hard time also sometimes,my husband is on disability cuz of his injuries/illnesses, he was told if he lifted more than 10lbs.he could be paralyzed along with umpteen other things,he has D.D.D.&D.J.D.(degenerative disc&joint disease. Then my cancer,we sure are meant for each other.HA-HA! I have been with him for 34GREAT YRS. I hope there’s no hard feelings,I look forward to corresponding with u more. Have a wonderful week/weekend.😜😱😏🌝🎭😋

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