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Life Blood by V. M. Black goes live on March 18

Filed in News by on February 26, 2014 0 Comments • views: 3272

Life Blood goes live on March 18, 2014. I can hardly wait!

Cora Shaw is the kind of girl who knows what she wants out of life. She wants to graduate, get a job, date, marry, and have a couple of kids in the suburbs of a big city. But all those dreams have been derailed by her cancer diagnosis–and worse, it’s not responding to treatment, so now she only has months left to live. Her doctor offers her a choice: accept her terminal diagnosis, or call a phone number on a mysterious card to get in touch with the only man in the world who might help her. Cora calls the number, but nothing could have prepared her for the man she meets, who promises to help–for a terrible price.

Interested? Read an excerpt.

As I write this, I’m talking to no one but a handful of my friends. It’s kind of scary starting from scratch, and it’s exciting, too. Who knows what the future might bring?

About the Author ()

V. M. Black is the creator of Aethereal Bonds, the sensual urban fantasy world that takes vampires, weres, and faes to a place they've never been.

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