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Out of Chances: Taken by the Panther 2

Filed in New Releases, Shifter Romance by on November 24, 2014 1 Comment • views: 9810

The Second Installment of the Hit Serial Featuring a Sexy SEAL Shifter and a Tough, Curvy Heroine

Chay Bane’s years of experience tell him that Tara Morland is doomed, destined to lose against the panther who took over her mind and transformed her body. But even though the former SEAL panther shifter has made a career of rescuing other shifters in trouble, his connection to Tara goes far beyond his role in freeing her from the military prison where she’d been confined. And from the moment he lays eyes on her, Chay is determined to save her—whatever the cost.

All Tara wants is to master the beast inside of her, and she finds herself as dependent on the brilliant hacker Chay as she is attracted to him. But there are terrible secrets in the Black Mesa facility where Chay spirits her away—secrets that can threaten her hard-won sanity and her life.


This is the second book in the Taken By the Panther serial and I will say, it just keeps getting better. The characters, the emotions, the plot are in depth, felt, and experienced. For such a short read, it is jam packed with story, action, and oh can the author write hot scenes! You cannot go wrong with this serial.

Out of Chances, is out of control! This is a fast paced read as always, it keeps you hooked from beginning to end. And did I mention, you will be blown away! LOVE IT! Just what I need, another character to lust after.

I am officially in love with Chay and Tara. Their instant connection, the despair for Tara’s situation, the obstacles that they are both facing, Chay’s tenderness, and most of all – the incredible chemistry between the two. WOW!!!! Be still, my heart! I couldn’t put it down! And now i’m DYING for the next one!!!


Tara had known since she had opened her eyes that the kiss was inevitable. Written in the stars or stamped in her flesh or maybe in the very rocks of the earth that covered his secret hiding place. There were so many reasons he shouldn’t kiss her and probably twice as many that she shouldn’t kiss him. The issues of dependence and power, of her confusion and vulnerable situation, and now of debt and payment were impossible to ignore.

So Tara didn’t ignore them. But she didn’t care about them, either. She wanted him not because of what he might do for her at that moment but because of what he was doing to her.

And as his mouth met hers, she realized that she wanted him more than she’d ever wanted anyone in the world.

Her lips parted, inviting him in. All the usual impediments were suddenly, spectacularly irrelevant. If it had been Tom kissing her—or Carter or Ryden or Tad—she would have rolled away from his morning breath and headed into the bathroom to pee and brush her own teeth.

With Chay, all she wanted was him. In any way. In every way. And she couldn’t fully understand why that was, because the connection that her panther felt was only part of it.

Maybe it was because he had put himself in the position of her hero. She’d never had a hero before. Maybe it was because he was so damned hot. Maybe it was because they’d already had the hottest sex of her life.

Maybe it was because of all of that and maybe it was none of it. Tara didn’t care. At that moment, if she’d been told that the only way to save herself would be to push him away, she might not have been able to do it.

His lips moved across hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth in a rhythm that drove his body, her body, until she wasn’t sure whose rhythm it was. There was a throbbing line of need straight from her mouth down into her center—and from there lower, between her legs, which she ground against the hardness of his thigh, her hip stroking along his rock-hard cock with each rocking motion.

One of his hands caught the back of her neck, cradling her, while the other roved across her back, her ass, as if he were memorizing every dip and roll and curve. As if he were loving them.

Suddenly, he broke away and used the leverage of his elbow against the mattress to roll them both over so that he lay on top of her, his weight on his hands that he braced on either side of her.

“Do you scream?” he demanded.

“What?” She looked up into the angular face above her.

“Do you scream?” he repeated.

“I…don’t think that I ever have,” she managed.

“You will this time,” he promised.

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  1. Marla Ramsey says:

    Wow just finished Out of chances and it was thrilling.

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