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Out of Her Mind: Taken by the Panther 3

Filed in New Releases, Shifter Romance by on November 24, 2014 6 Comments • views: 12995

The Third Installment of the Ex-SEAL Panther Shifter and a Tough, Curvy Heroine in Search of Answers

Tara Morland was doomed from the moment she first shifted into a panther. Chay Bane will stop at nothing to save her—even after all traces of humanity appear to be gone.

But will even his love and his vast resources be enough to save her, or will he be forced to end her suffering?


Out of Her Mind is intense, shocking, raw, and emotional. It is filled with angst, loss, heartache, secrets and lies with some steamy, hot, passionate sex thrown in. The characters, the storyline, and trying to figure out all the unknowns keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The series remains enthralling, fun, unique, captivating and just hits a sweet-spot. I highly recommend it!!

Ms. Black continues to deliver a captivating story arc that pulls her readers in and holds their attention from the first paragraph until the end. This series continues to broaden and expand in a way that makes the reader long to find out what happens next. I highly recommend this book.


The construction of the new door took almost exactly as long as Agosti had predicted, and under his direction, the men cleaned up the debris, gathered their tools, and exited the quarters without a word. Agosti gave Chay a single long look from the doorway, but when Chay refused even to meet his disapproving gaze, he followed the others, shutting the door to the front room behind him.

Still Chay sat, looking down at the panther that had been Tara. A bullet in the brain. That’s what Liam had said that he owed her. But he wasn’t willing to give up. Not yet. Not for anything.

It wasn’t until she started to stir again that he disengaged himself from her, easing off the bed to stand over her for another long moment as her tail twitched slowly and her eyes began to blink. As he moved, the shirt that the dried gore had adhered to him pulled against his skin—a reminder of how dangerous she was and that he couldn’t stay. But it wasn’t until her heavy head lifted and she made a low, angry sound in the back of her throat that he stepped away, back out through the new clear door that replaced the metal one that had been there before.

Chay shut it, turning the mechanism to slide the bolts home with the sense that he was closing off something inside himself. Then he sat, just where he was, his blood-matted shirt stiff and itchy now. He watched her come awake, the panther’s restless movements increasing until she was able to heave herself up onto her feet, her legs trembling under her.

Her heavy head swung across as her nostrils flared at his scent, and her gaze met his. For just an instant, for a fraction of a moment, he thought that he saw recognition in her golden eyes. Then a deep growl rose from within her, and it was gone, and she turned away with an angry swish of her tail and began to pace the circumference of the room.

Chay shut his eyes, unable to watch the creature that had been Tara. A sudden bang made them fly open again, and he focused on the panther just in time to see her ram her shoulder against the door a second time, trying to get at him.

He watched her for a few minutes, his mind blank with despair as she growled and clawed at the narrow opening at the bottom of the door, her movements growing more and more frantic. He had ordered a clear door in hopes that seeing him might calm her. More the fool he.

He scooted across the floor so that his back was against the wall beside the door, making him invisible to her—as she was now to him.

Still she growled, and still her claws scrabbled on the concrete floor.

Chay began to talk. “I don’t know if you can still hear me, Tara, but I haven’t given up. I’m not going to give up on you, so don’t you give up on me. I haven’t ever lied to you, you know. Nothing I’ve ever said was a lie.”

The scrabbling stopped, but the low growl continued from the locked room.

“Not even when I was afraid of what the truth would do to you. That’s what happened now, I guess. Too much of the truth. There’s this…well, it’s not a joke exactly, but this idea, this conceit in this book that I read about how if you find out exactly how important you are in the universe, you go crazy. Too much truth drives you out of your mind.”

He was just saying whatever occurred to him in virtual free association. But the growling grew quieter as he spoke.

“That’s why I didn’t tell you everything. I didn’t want to…to do this to you. I don’t know what you found out that upset you so much. And I know a lot of the things that happened can’t be undone. But people heal. Your parents can be told that you’re alive, once you’re better. That wasn’t me, you know. It was the Air Force. When they took you to Andrews, they told everyone you’d died. They’ll release some ashes to your parents, but that part can be fixed if you just care enough to come back.”

The panther went silent, but Chay didn’t dare to hope.

“Like I said, I’ve never lied to you. But I promised you that I’d save you. And if you don’t come back from this, you’ll turn me into a liar. Don’t do that, bae girl. You have to do your part, too. For you, or for me, or for your parents. I don’t care why. Just come back. There are a lot of people who miss you.”

Chay ran out of words to say. He propped his elbows on his knees and held his head in his hands for a very long time as the silence stretched out. Finally, the demands of his own human body grew too great. He’d had nothing but coffee for the past twelve hours—and his bladder was sending increasingly urgent messages to his brain. He stood, his muscles stiff from long contact with the cold floor, and leaned to look around the wall and into his bedroom.

Instantly, the panther leaped to her feet, snarling and swiping under the door. Chay’s heart felt empty, cored out, and he gave a hollow laugh.

“You and me both, cat,” he said to her before turning and walking out the door.

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  1. Lorene Kinslow says:

    Out of the darkness. OMG this part is soooooo good. You eve mad me cry. V. M. Black you continue to out do your self. Please do not stop. I really enjoy your work.

  2. Kim says:

    Hi V.M Black just finished Out Of Her Mind awesome series. Do you no how i can preorder the next installment of Out Of Control. I tried on google play couldn’t find it. Thanks for the great read.

  3. Cora Hersey says:

    I think it I’d cool that there is a series of books with my name in it and as the main character. Aldo it is one of my favorite types of books, vampire. I love them

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