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For All Time: Cora’s Bond 1

Filed in Vampire Romance by on November 24, 2014 10 Comments • views: 24329

First Book in the Second Hit Vampire Serial

Engaged to the Billionaire Vampire….Cora Shaw was bonded to the billionaire vampire Dorian Thorne once by blood and again by choice. Forced to flee when her life was threatened, they now return to America—Cora to her final semester in college and her wedding plans and Dorian to his businesses and research. Cora struggles to make her two lives work—the ordinary one, with its demands of college and friends, and the extraordinary one, full of the frightening depths and challenges of her relationship with Dorian and the hidden and deadly dangers of his world. Their wedding is to be the event of the century, a stake in the heart of the anti-human vampire faction. But events are unfolding quickly, and when threats turn into action, everything is put in jeopardy.


I love paranormal stories, but this author has a whole new take on vampires! The writing is superb, the editing is great, and there’s suspense, action, sexy scenes, love and a whole new world of Aethereal beings to read about.

The Vampires that Ms. Black created are different that any you have ever read about, nothing typical here. You will fall in love with what she created and want one of your very own. If you need convincing, grab one of her free novellas and you will be a V. M. Black fan for life!

V.M. Black does it again! Another addictive, steamy, emotional and captivating must read.


The sound of a knock slowly penetrated my consciousness, and I struggled up out of the depths of my dreams, rubbing at my eyes with the back of my hand. I looked blearily around the room and fought a moment’s disorientation before I recognized my bedroom.

I’d thought, for a moment, that I was still in the owner’s stateroom on Dorian’s yacht. But I was in my own narrow bed.


I remembered the note from the night before, and I shuddered.

The knock came again.

Knocking. Door. Of course.

“Coming!” I yelled.

I grabbed my jeans and dragged them on, stumbling into the hall. I checked the peephole.

Dorian stood there, looking perfect, as always, in a gray sports coat. His black hair was flawlessly styled, his features impossibly elegant, with his high cheekbones, patrician nose, and icy blue eyes.

And despite the fact that I’d left his bed just the day before, the sight of him made my heart jump. It was still hard to believe that he was mine.

I flung open the door.

“Hello,” I managed, standing awkwardly in the doorway. I noticed then that there were other agnates in the hall, standing on either side of the door—the guards that Dorian had promised.

One was Clarissa, the closest thing I had to a friend among the other vampires and also, I’d learned, one of Dorian’s children, though she was hundreds of years older than me. She waggled her eyebrows as if she were communicating something to me that I couldn’t decipher. The other agnate was another woman, an imposing woman with skin so dark is seemed to drink the light. After a moment, I realized that I’d seen her once before at Dorian’s house, though I’d never learned her name.

Dorian ignored both of them as he stepped into the apartment and pulled me against him with his free hand, planting a long, full kiss on my mouth as the door swung shut behind him.

My body came fully awake. Heat flared up deep in my midsection as I opened to him, his lips moving over mine, his tongue invading my mouth, stroking me, teasing me. I slid my hands under his jacket, clinging to the hard contours of his torso.

His kiss was sweet, tasting like home.

“Morning breath,” I said apologetically, stepping back when he finally broke the kiss. “Sorry.”

“I never mind your morning breath, Cora,” he said, a small smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

I had discovered on his yacht that he seemed peculiarly immune to it—apparently, bad breath was yet another human affliction that vampires did not share.

“You were still abed at this hour?” he asked.

“What time is it?” I asked even as I checked the microwave clock.

11:17, it read.

“Oh, crap,” I said.

“‘Oh, crap,’ indeed,” he said.

“I guess even Christina and Chelsea are up by now,” I said. My other two roommates kept later hours than Lisette and I usually did, but this was late even for them.

“Gone half an hour past,” he agreed. “According to the guards. Your other roommate left an hour before that.”

Raking my fingers through my sleep-tousled hair, I glanced at the window at the reference to my security detail, wondering how many were on the street in front of the building now.

“I couldn’t sleep,” I admitted.

“I could have helped you, Cora,” he said quietly.

I nodded. He knew perfectly well why I didn’t want him to, and he respected that. That was enough.

“I also missed you,” I added.

He held out the spiral-bound book he held in his free hand. I blinked at it as it registered for the first time.

“I brought you your last textbook,” he said.

I took it. “I could have gotten it today myself.”

His shrug was negligent. “That’s what we have staff for, Cora.”

“Staff could have brought the book upstairs to me, too,” I pointed out.

He brushed my cheek with a knuckle. “Maybe I missed you, too.”

My skin tingled at his touch, and the dull warmth that his kiss had left in my core roared up again. Impulsively, I dropped the book on the counter, looped my hands around his neck and dragged his mouth down to mine.

He took the unsubtle invitation, his arms hard around me, his kiss demanding, taking, as he pushed me back against the wall. He kissed my mouth, my neck, my jaw, my collar. Already, my breath was coming faster.

“You aren’t wearing a bra,” he murmured into my ear.

“I was asleep,” I said.

“Did you dream of me?”

I shook my head. I’d dreamt of being alone in Dorian’s great Georgetown mansion, calling out and running from room to room with no one to answer me.

“I suppose I didn’t leave a big enough impression, then,” he said with dark humor that made me shiver in anticipation.

“You’re taking it as a challenge?” I said.

He chuckled. “I won’t rest until I haunt your every waking and sleeping thought.”

“And how will you do that?” I flung back at him, my blood already thrumming in my veins.

“Let me demonstrate.” And with that, he took my mouth again, his hands sliding up under my shirt to move against my naked skin. His palm cupped my breast, his thumb sliding above my nipple. As he stroked me with his tongue, he slowly tightened his thumb against the side of his hand. My nipple got so hard that it almost hurt, sending spikes of heat down between my legs and into my clitoris. He teased it, rolling it in his fingers to the rhythm of his mouth until my breath came in torn and ragged gasps.

He moved his mouth close to my ear. “Go to your room. Get undressed. And wait for me.”

“What, you’re going to make me do all the work?” I said, a bit breathlessly. “Is that supposed to impress me?”

“We’ll see about that, won’t we?” he returned.

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  1. pam codding says:

    Hi there, I,m trying to purchase the six books of VM Black starting with For all time, but cant seem to see any were that i can order and pay for them. Pam

  2. Mina says:

    When will “For All Time Cora’s Bond Book 1” be out on paperback? Will it be out sometime this year, 2015?

  3. Aleaha says:

    I am absolutely HOOKED on this series! A question though, I just finished all of the Cora’s Choice series, books 1-6. It shows the next book as Book 1 in Cora’s Bond, but my iBooks is telling me that Blood Lust is next.. Which is true?

    • V. M. Black says:

      Next book is Book 1 in Cora’s Bond. Blood Lust retells the story from Dorian’s POV. :) You can read that now, but it’s not actually a complete series. CB is!

  4. Chrystal says:

    I am hooked cant stop reading these. I received the very first 3 books for Christmas cant find them in stores and my local library doesn’t carry them. So I girths next three on my kindle and just tried to buythe next to on kindle went through but books aren’t here and cant purchase again it says already purchased. I’m devastated where else can I find these books

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